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Rudiger Anatomie

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 Skeletons  Skulls  Extremities & Joints
Anatomical Charts All Rudiger Anatomie Products
 Anatomical Charts  All Rudiger Anatomie Products


Rudiger Anatomie is the premier manufacturer of anatomy models, produced at a quality unsurpassed by any other, and globally recognized for their commitment to crafting the best models in the world.  Started in a time when anatomy models were all derived from original human specimens, particularly skeletal materials, Rudiger was the largest supplier of human bones worldwide.  Decades of contact, processing and delivery of these types of models gave Rudiger an unique advantage when international laws required all suppliers to begin producing artificial specimens.  Over the last 30 years, Rudiger has perfected the manufacture of human anatomy models, and is proud to bring these amazing products to you!  As most manufacturers moved production to China, Rudiger chose to keep quality as the foremost important characteristic of the product line.  To that end, Rudiger remained loyal to its German roots, and to this day, all Rudiger models are made by medical artists and apprentices trained for decades to make the world's best anatomy models.  All Rudiger models are backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty, and the Lifetime Skeleton is backed by an unheard of 30 year warranty!  No one stands behind their products like Rudiger, brought to you by the experts at  Buy a Rudiger model today, and your anatomy lab will last as long as your teaching tenure.  Pass a Rudiger model down to your medical protégé or the child that takes over the family practice.  It's a lifetime investment that is worth every penny.