Rudiger Anatomie Deluxe Super Skeleton with Musculature and Ligaments


The top model of Rudiger Anatomie, and a completely unique skeleton in the industry. No other skeleton offers this list of features and quality combined into one. The Deluxe Super Skeleton skeleton combines the advantages of the painted, flexible, and ligamented skeletons with additional labelled and numbered features, and even adds head and neck muscles. It has a flexible spinal column and comes with a spinal cord, nerve ends, the spinal artery and herniated disc. There are approximately 500 painted, labelled and numbered muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) and it comes with a comprehensive muscular numbering guide. It has flexible ligaments not only on the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee, but also on the hand and foot. More than 300 numbers are marked! They describe all the important anatomical details, bones, bony parts, sutures, fissures, foramina on an extra key.

Together with the muscle numbering, there are 600 hand-numbered and identified anatomical details. Additionally, it comes with lifelike muscles of the head and neck. To top it off, the skeleton is supplied on a heavy-duty 5-leg stand with locking casters, and includes a dust cover for proper storage.

Full list of features:

- Muscles of the head and neck
- Painting and numbering of the muscle origins (red) and muscle insertions (blue) on the left side of the skeleton (with legend)
- Flexible ligaments of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, hand, and foot
- Numbering of anatomical structures and details on the right side of the skeleton (with additional legend)
- Highly flexible spinal column
- Spinal nerves and spinal artery
- Opened sacrum with bony flap to expose nerve branches
- Arms and legs attached with special U-brackets on left side, allow to movement of the arm and leg ligaments inside their joints
- 100% natural cast from real human bone
- 4-part skull with extractable single teeth and bony flap/opened jaw bone
- Raw materials like plastics and metal hardware are from German companies
- Radius and ulna feature natural movement including rotation
- Knee detachable on left side, lower leg with foot removable on left side
- Soft intermediate discs show natural deformation while flexing spine

Skeleton measures approximately 70.1 x 15.8 x 9.8 inches and weighs about 25 pounds. Manufactured by medical artists and craftsmen in Germany. Backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

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Product FAQ

Q:  How flexible is this model?
A:  Users can demonstrate fully life-like ranges of movement with this model, including extension and flexion, as well as abduction and adduction.

Q:  How flexible are the ligamented joints on this skeleton?
A:  The joints range in allowable movement.  We do not recommend you bend the joints past the suggested range of movement.

1. Shoulder Joint
Anteversion = 20 degrees
Retroversion = 20 degrees 
Internal Rotation = 20 degrees
External Rotation = 20 degrees
Lateral Movement = 20 degrees

2. Elbow Joint
Extension and Flexion = 150 degrees
Rotation of the Radius = 90 degrees

3. Hip Joint
Anteversion = 90 degrees
Retroversion = 45 degrees 
Internal Rotation = 45 degrees
External Rotation = 45 degrees
Lateral Movement = 20 degrees

4. Hand Joint
Abduction = 25 degrees
Adduction = 25 degrees
Rotation of the Radus = 180 Degrees 

5. Knee Joint
Extension and Flexion = 90 degrees
Retroversion = 20 degrees 
Internal Rotation = 20 degrees
External Rotation = 20 degrees
Lateral Bending of the Meniscus = 20 degrees

6. Foot Joint
Extension and Flexion = 15 degrees
Rotation Movements (In and Out) = 10 degrees
Lateral Movements = 10 degrees

Q:  Does the model come off the stand?
A:  Yes, this model can be removed from the stand.

Q: My skull has become damaged on this skeleton, would I be able to receive a replacement?

A: Please contact support at 800-422-1134, we will be more than happy to look into getting a replacement skull for you.

Q: Can this skeleton be disassembled and then put back together?

A: No, this model is not meant to be taken a part and then put back together. While you can remove the legs, other parts of this skeleton are not meant to be taken apart.

Q: Does this skeleton come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all Rudiger Skeletons come with a 5 year warranty.

Q: Is this a male or female skeleton?
A: This is an adult male skeleton model.

Q: Is this model considered life-size?
A: Standing at about 5'8" tall, yes, this model is considered to be life-size.

Q: Are the fingers and toes moveable?
A: Yes, you can move and pose the fingers and toes. They are held together with flexible wire.

Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
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