Rudiger Anatomie Flexible Skeleton


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This Flexible Skeleton is just another in a long line of high quality Rudiger Anatomie skeletal products

This highly detailed Rudiger Anatomie Flexible Skeleton comes complete with all 206-214 bones that an average human male has. All 24 individual vertebrae, 24 ribs, 26 bones per foot, and 27 bones per hand are individually represented and carefully assembled. The arms and legs are detachable, with the joints being designed for optimal natural movement.

Manufactured by medical artists and craftsmen in Germany, the model is backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty. The skeleton is delivered with a mobile 5-foot stand and dust cover. The height of the skeleton, including stand comes in at 70 inches with a width of 16 in.

Excellent for orthopedic and chiropractic demonstration, the Rudiger Anatomie Flexible Skeleton comes with a flexible spine, arteries, spinal cord, nerve strands, and herniated disc. Flexibility makes it possible to depict natural movements and curvatures of the upper body. The sacrum is cut open at the back and is equipped with a detachable bone flap so that the course of the nerve endings in the sacrum can be clearly seen when entering the pelvic area.

All bones in this skeleton are cast from real human bones, giving them uncompromised detail. This allows their skeletons to not only show ideal bone structures, but also highlights the subtleties of each individual human bone. These skeletons are 100% anatomically correct and absolutely natural!

This model also features one of the best skull replicas in the industry. No other manufacturer has equipped their skeletons with such a high-quality skull! It is removable and can be disassembled, allowing you to detach the lower jaw and remove a majority of the teeth.

All skeletons have been equipped with individual knee-bones and tongues. The joints of the arms and legs are designed in such a way that all natural movements can be traced.

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Product FAQ

Q: Once "posed", will this skeleton support itself and hold the pose?
A: When the torso is "posed" it will hold the position, as the spine is very flexible and can hold a pose (e.g. if skeleton is bent over to touch the toes, it will hold the position), however it cannot cannot hold the arm or the leg in a posed position. There are no anatomical skeletons on the market capable of holding such a pose.

Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education
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