Rudiger Anatomie Human Skeleton with Flexible Spine, Muscle Paintings, and Arteries


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This skeleton is the perfect reproduction of a human skeleton cast directly from specially selected natural human skeleton material to ensure the finest bone quality, structures and details of bony surface. Nothing is as complex as nature itself. That is why Rudiger Anatomie didn’t attempt to copy nature; they took nature itself as the basis for this skeleton. In the 1970s, Rudiger was well known as the biggest supplier of real human bone material worldwide, giving them a unique and unrivalled selection of real bones to cast models from. These bones aren’t sculpted by artists; they are cast from real, once living skeletons, giving you access to materials that are only rivalled by cadavers. Anatomy experts find it hard to distinguish these plastic skeletons from real human skeletons.

This advanced skeleton includes more than perfect replication of human bones - over 500 muscle insertion and origin points are individually hand-painted by German craftsmen with indelible paint for a lasting finish. Muscle insertion points are blue; muscle origins are painted in red.

This skeleton shows all of the 206 - 214 bones of a normal male adult. Every one of the 24 vertebrae, all 12 ribs of each side, all 26 bones of each foot and the 27 bones of each hand are individually single mounted. All Rudiger Anatomie skeletons come with hyoid bone.

Wherever possible there is natural movement in the joints. For easy transportation or individual demonstration, you may take off the arms and legs as well as the skull. Equipped with an incredibly flexible spine, this skeleton will demonstrate natural and lifelike movement in the vertebral column, and can maintain just about any position you desire. The spine construction is designed to withstand years of use without failure or compromise. The spine also includes major spinal cord branches, with nerve endings, as well as vertebral arteries. A herniated disc is shown between L4 and L5. The sacrum is sectioned and equipped with a removable bone flap to show the path of spinal nerves inside the sacrum.

The skeleton comes with a human skull which is cast from a selected natural bone skull with all fine anatomical details. It is unbreakable in normal use and dissectible into 4 parts. The skull has a full dentition. 26 of 31 individual teeth come with full roots and are removable. You may pull teeth of maxillae and mandible for individual demonstration and place them back into the socket. The mandible can be taken off. A bony flap on one side of mandible can be opened to show the nerve canal, bony structure, roots of teeth and an impacted third molar. These 5 teeth in the bony flap are not removable. The skeleton is approximately 6 feet tall (including the stand), 16 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Weight is approximately 25 lbs.

This skeleton comes complete with a 5-leg safety stand with casters with a 23.5 inch radius, includes a dust cover and a comprehensive numbered key for ease of study. Manufactured by medical artists and craftsmen in Germany. Backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

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Product FAQ

Q:  How flexible is this model?
A:  Users can demonstrate fully life-like ranges of movement with this model, including extension and flexion, as well as abduction and adduction.

Q:  How flexible are the ligamented joints on this skeleton?
A:  The joints range in allowable movement.  We do not recommend you bend the joints past the suggested range of movement.

1. Shoulder Joint
Anteversion = 20 degrees
Retroversion = 20 degrees 
Internal Rotation = 20 degrees
External Rotation = 20 degrees
Lateral Movement = 20 degrees

2. Elbow Joint
Extension and Flexion = 150 degrees
Rotation of the Radius = 90 degrees

3. Hip Joint
Anteversion = 90 degrees
Retroversion = 45 degrees 
Internal Rotation = 45 degrees
External Rotation = 45 degrees
Lateral Movement = 20 degrees

4. Hand Joint
Abduction = 25 degrees
Adduction = 25 degrees
Rotation of the Radus = 180 Degrees 

5. Knee Joint
Extension and Flexion = 90 degrees
Retroversion = 20 degrees 
Internal Rotation = 20 degrees
External Rotation = 20 degrees
Lateral Bending of the Meniscus = 20 degrees

6. Foot Joint
Extension and Flexion = 15 degrees
Rotation Movements (In and Out) = 10 degrees
Lateral Movements = 10 degrees

Q:  What is included with the model when I receive it?
A:  You will receive the skeleton, a high-quality 5-caster stand, and a product guide that details all of the anatomical features present on the skeleton.

Q: Can this model stand up straight? I see in the picture that it is a bit hunhed over.

A: Yes, this model is fully posable and can stand up straight.

Q: Does this model come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all Rudiger Models come with a 5 year warranty.

Q: Do you carry a Rudiger Skeleton without the painted muscles?

A: Yes, we do. We also carry the Rudiger Standard Skeleton.

Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Patient Consultation
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