Rudiger Anatomie Miniature Skeleton with Flexible Spine


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Manufactured by medical artists and craftsmen in Germany, this Rudiger Anatomie Flexible Mini-Skeleton, features a flexible spine, and comes in at 25.5 inches tall. When paired with its attractive stand, its weighs 2 pounds. It is also backed by Rudiger’s industry-leading 5 year warranty.

The model features all of the incredible detail that you have come to expect from a Rudiger Anatomie skeleton, just in a smaller form. What sets this model apart from other Mini-Skeletons is the flexible spine that allows for full mobility.

Every bone that is crucial to the human skeleton is represented. The head is detachable and can be separated in three parts, and fully movable joints allow for the demonstration of natural movements.

For Rudiger Anatomie, this is just a standard skeleton, but for the competition, it is the standard in skeletons!

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Q: Is this model poseable?
This skeleton's limbs are free hanging. Although it has full flexibility and natural movement, the skeleton's limbs will return to their original resting place

Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education
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